XORN first inversion

After 2 months and a half from XORN Kick off we are obtaining the first important results: the software to perform magnetic only Bayesian inversion has been developed and successfully tested.

In the performed test, we investigated a real carbonatite complex. The investigate volume, which extends on a region of about 6 km x 6 km for a depth of 10 km, has been discretized on 100 x 100 x 60 volumetric elements for a total of more than 1 million unknowns. Four main geological units are present in the area, one of which characterized by high magnetic susceptibility values. The inversion has been performed in about 1 hour on a standard laptop.

In the picture the residuals in terms of total magnetic anomaly before and after the inversion are reported together with a 3D representation of the magnetized body.

Details will be presented in Madrid to the 83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition.

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